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Tips for a Trip to Temple of Ascension, Boosting Health and Defence

Despite the efforts, battling against the opponent in campaign mode keeps on getting typical after level 10 in AFK Arena. The reason is, Lilith Games has offered you plenty of modes, and bounty quests to focus on. When you are taking a look at all the important factors, you will be able to progress. Otherwise you can’t be the advanced gamer. 

Even if you want to earn gold or diamond, you need to play most of the modes which will come in handy and make you an advanced gamer for sure. The poor part is, progression isn’t possible until you learn the strategy to upgrade heroes through the Temple of Ascension. It plays an important role, and if you want to progress at a faster rate, then you must consider it.

Below mentioned are three important tips to the temple of ascension, boosting health and learning to increase defence. Let’s have a look –

Making Trip to Temple of Ascension

Most of the gamers usually feel curious about the Temple of Ascension, and they want to know what are the secrets or heroes they can avail by visiting this section of the game. Well, when you get three cards of the same hero, then you can have a trip to this place. You might know that when you have the option to recruit heroes, you can go after the summon 10 option, so the same method works with the Temple of Ascension.

Sacrificing Weaker Copies or Heroes

Having the same heroes at a level can boost the chances of getting better characters and keep on progressing at a better rate and without even getting into any kind of issue in this game. Due to this particular reason, you can level up and try out having a visit to the Temple of Ascension, and it is worth your time for sure. You can sacrifice to weaker copies of heroes and upgrade the left hero among those three.

Enhancing Health of Heroes

In the grid-based battle mode of The Dark Forest are a bit more typical than you might expect it to be. The reason is, its layout rests automatically after every 48-hours of having any change. When you are making your way from the grid along with some of the hitherto daunting battles, you will get chests and extra rewards. All these rewards are quite effective in boosting health, and it is also going to lay a positive impact on a defence that’s why you can rely on it.

The Final Verdict

After considering these tips, you can easily enhance the progression and become an advanced gamer after a couple of tries. Make sure that you spend adequate time on campaign mode to reach a certain level. This method will help to increase your overall earning of gold and diamond; that’s why you can rely on it and become a better gamer. Hope, considering these three important tips, will help you progress at a faster rate and make you a better gamer for sure.