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Top 5 Easy Tips to Follow for Beginners

AFK Arena, a new mobile title from Lilith Games, is starting to gain download hits considering the strategic gameplay and all new updates coming to the same game. This game is based on collecting cards, unlocking new heroes using them, and then progressing toward a better gamer with new strategies. You need to collect rewards and gain character but with a slight twist.

While collecting cards, you need to focus on the earning of the virtual currency of this game, which is Gold and Diamond. Both are important currencies that require a focus on several important factors. Gold is primary, and diamond is premium one, which will lead you toward a better progression. In case you are facing issues during the progression, then you can go after the below mentioned top 3 tips –

Trekking Through the Campaign

As mentioned earlier, Lilith Games is putting some advanced features and modes which can be unlocked by collecting cards and playing till a certain level. Till then, you have the campaign mode to try out. You need to complete the PvP battles and there are enemies to vanquish along with some bounty quests to take over.

If you keep on playing all of them and then focus on the battle modes, you will find some of the easy methods to progress at a faster rate and become a better gamer. Completing certain stages plays an important role in going well and earn a sufficient amount of resources to progress at a faster rate. Keep sticking to some basic levels will help you learn the mechanics of the game.

Upgrading Heroes After Battle

When you play this game, you can find that you have the battles to fight, and you can destroy the opponent with the existing abilities, that’s why you should not upgrade it in advance. Always battle and destroy opponent; when everything is done, you can focus on upgrading the heroes. It will be a better call, and it is highly reliable.

Make sure that you focus on collecting cards and playing levels until you upgrade wisely. Keep on collecting all the important cards, and unlocking new heroes will help you regarding the progression. That’s why you can consider it and become a better gamer without any kind of issue for sure.

Recruiting Heroes

It is always important that you go after summoning some of the best heroes while battling so that you don’t face any kind of issue and increase the chances of winning in a battle. Due to this reason, you can hit the summon ten option because it will help you get some of the best heroes without any kind of issue, and you can rely on it. 

Apart from it, you have different level heroes playing into this game. In case you want to go well, you should upgrade the heroes wisely and take most of them to a higher level. It will come in handy to make you a better gamer. Hope these three tips will come in handy to make you an advanced gamer.